Make a Todo List Using React Hooks!!

React Hooks are upcoming features in the React family and the interesting part of React Hooks are that we can use state in functional components. So, no more class components it doesn’t mean the support for class components is going to be stopped there. Class components are still there. But React Hooks are currently in the alpha version of React i.e v16.8.0-alpha.0. But we can use them through the alpha version.

Setup for React Hooks

First, we need to make a react app using create-react-app. It will make a create an app for us. For that just run in your terminalnpx create-react-app hooks-todo. It takes some time then it’ll create a react app for you now just to the app by runningcd hooks-todo now we have our react-app ready. Run npm install react@next react-dom@next that’ll install the alpha version of React in out app.

Let’s Make the Todo

In this project, our focus is not to make a layout. So please copy the SASS file for the project from here. If you don’t have sass package install just run npm i node-sass. Now, let’s move into our App.js and make the App component functional. So, now our first move is to make the form for submitting our todo. Just copy this snippet of code into the return statement of our App component. I also called a function on events. We’ll take a look at them later.

Todo form for adding todoTodo form for adding todo

Now, let’s make a state for storing the current todo value. We are using useState state hook for making state. We need to import it from react. For that add this line at the top of the file import React, { useState } from react. Now, go inside our App then add const [todoValue, setTodoValue] = useState(''). So, here we are making a state todoValue and setTodoValue is for updating the value of todoValue and in the useState part, we are just setting the initial value of todoValue state by calling useState(). So, if you take a look we are using the array destructing here. useState returns an array that the first element of the array is stated name and the second item of the array is the function for updating the value of that state. Now, let’s make the handleChange function.

handleChange for setting current todo valuehandleChange for setting current todo value

So, simple for setting the current todoValue just call the setTodoValue function and pass the value as an argument.

Now, It’s time to work on our adding todo. For that, we need another state. Let’s make const [todos, setTodo] = useState([]);. So, we make another state and all our todos are going to store here. I previously made an event-handler to submitting to-do form. Let’s made a function called handleSubmit that take care of submitting todo.

function for submitting todofunction for submitting todo

It’s so simple from line 4 to line 7 we just making a todo object. And then in line 10 we just call setTodo function and passing a new array as an argument and the spreading the todos array for previous todos and then just adding todo at the end of the array. Now, we did our adding todo functionality we just need to display them. We have to map over the todo array and make an element for every todo.

block for dispalying todoblock for dispalying todo

Paste this snippet after the parent div of the App component. As you see we just map over the todos array and creating a block for every todo. I also added the event handler for adding done and delete functionality in our todo.

Let’s work on delete our todo. For this, we have to make a handleDelete function. We take the id from it’s parent element of the delete button and then just going to splice that index form the array then just again called the setTodo function and make the new array and spread all todos.

function for deleting todofunction for deleting todo

Now, we completed our delete todo functionality. Now, let’s work on handleDone functionality of the todo. For that, let’s just create handleDone function. In that, we are going to take the id from its parent element and then change the done of that todo and set the todos using setTodo method.

function for handling done of todofunction for handling done of todo

Congrats, We completed our todo using hooks. I am glad if you make some changes and add more functionality using hooks don’t stop keep experimenting. Get the code of the App from here.

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