Do Static Routing with Node

So, first of all, why am I writing this because of when I started Node couple of days back, I got just frustrated with searching about how can I do static routing using Node but I can’t find anything good and I just go through every question of Stack Overflow but I can’t find anything good and everyone is talking about Express in every question it doesn’t matter whether the guy that asks the question only about in Node. So, first of all, let’s talk about static routing.

What is Static Routing?

So, Static Routing is that kind of routing where we to set a router manually for a specific route. There are some demerits of it like everytime if we have a new file then we have set route for that file manually. And also it’s hard to handle the route for every file in our project.

Serve Static Files

So, let’s start routing i.e start making routes and serve files according to it. So, we have our routes like this:-

  • “/”index.html
  • “/about”about.html
  • “/contact”contact.html
  • “/public/stylesheet/style.css”style.css
  • “/public/images/1.jpg”1.jpg
  • “/public/images/2.png”2.png

And we have the directory like this:-

      -> index.html
      -> about.html
      -> contact.html
      -> stylesheet/
            -> style.css
      -> images/
            -> 1.jpg
            -> 2.png

So, first we have to create our server first:-

Created ServerCreated Server

Now, we created our server so we need fs package. Then we have to take the benefit of Node JS request object that contains two special property i.e url and method. The request.method gave us the method of the request and request.url will give us the browser’s request URL that the browser requested for. Now it’s time to check for the URL and method and serve the static pages.

Make a route and render file according to it. Make a route and render file according to it.

And follow the above same steps and every time just change the case and read the file for that specific kind and just change the header every time.

Headers for specific filesHeaders for specific files

So, you have done your static routing with node. 😄

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