How Uadcity gave more confidence to me?

The Google Udacity India Scholarship

Hey Guys, There’s nothing new in this but you found something special I thought that hold you guys to think for a sec. I am not good a writing . This Scholarships give me hope for that Why should I code because before this I just code it’s just like hobby to me. So, this story takes only 5 minutes of your precious time and I am sorry all of you for that. My grammar is not quite good.And I hope it be quite interesting for you. So, Here’s my story start.

How I got knew about this program?

In the late December, I surf to the Udacity and read the blog of the Udacity which are quite inspiring and I have a regular habit to read the blogs. I surf over the blog and I saw something that is for me. I saw that Google got collaborate with Udacity and announces 30000 scholarships for Mobile and Web Development. And I passionate about Web Development so without wasting time to think about think I surf the application and view what they need and I saw something about that need a Github Reposritry(It’s optional) but I don’t want to loose any chance to this scholarship So I thinking some and write my repo and in the late January I submit the form. I filled my form based for Front-End Track.

That day came When I got my most beloved mail till now.

They said that the result got out on Feb 8 and recipients got email about that But out on the Feb 7 and It said that your application got accepted for Front-End Track and the classes start from Feb 14. It’s just like that I got the chance to prove myself.

That Best Mail I gotThat Best Mail I got

The Day when classes get started.

I called an ISP vendor and take a connection of Internet because before I used my friend’s JIO. So, Thanks Udacity, now I have unlimited data. 😄 It’s the morning of Feb 14 and sit on my P.C and excited about the classes and the cohort of the program. I played the first video of the program in that They said that there’s something called Slack and Discussion Forum(I knew about it) but I don’t about* Slack* and thought what this on the starting 2–3 days the link to slack is not opened yet.

The Time When Everything got Setup.

Now, It’s the time when Slack got opened properly and I see that I just like an chatting app and through we got easily interacted with our cohort member. And There’s discussion forum also where we can ask questions and answer the others question. And I liked it because I like to answer queries of others. So, I answer others questions and also ask my queries. I answer as best I can. Here’s my currently discussion forum progress.

My Discussion Forum ProgressMy Discussion Forum Progress

And Now, I talked about Slack. I got addicted to it. It’s just like a habit to me to ask and answer and knew new stuff that I don’t know yet. It’s just like a medicine dose to me like You have to take it after wake up in morning and also take before you go to bed. 😆

And, After some days Akshit Jain Sir made announcement that anyone who wants to be a moderators just fill out a form. Without wasting the time I applied for moderator.

And After some days I got a message form Akshit Jain Sir to be a moderator of #livehelpofficial(It’s the channel where a live help session is conducted twice a week). It also just like a appreciation for me.

The post after end by **Iip Sir**.*The post after end by Iip Sir.*

And Now, my work start because as a moderators to help Iip Permana Sir(@iip.udacity) to take sessions. And It’s just like to work with a expert and help him. And after some time *Iip Permana Sir(@iip.udacity) *mentions my name in his good bye post before the session got over. It’s also kind of appreciation to me.

One more Important announcement which gives a chance to BE.

Mail got for Google I/O.Mail got for Google I/O.

Now, In at March 23 Akshit Jain Sir made a another announcement in that He said that we got some surprise email. I check my mail without wasting the time. And a mail came from Udacity India. The mail said that win a chance for Google I/O and in that they told that for this you have to complete your challenge course by 80% percent.

At that time I completed 60% and I looked at the date there are 5 days to me and now I try to complete 80% by 28 May. And I complete and filled the form. Now, I eagerly wait for the mail and at April 2 I got the mail from [*Akshit Jain Sir in that He said “You might need a chair somewhere near you so that you can sit and see the news I have got for you in this email.” and “Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the waitlist participants for the trip to Google #IO18 on behalf of Google and Udacity.”.

That mail I got from** Akshit Sir **on the behalf of Google I/OThat mail I got from Akshit Sir** on the behalf of Google I/O

It’s just like a daydream to me but there’s a problem in this I am not 18 yet and there’s only 2 months left to me for completing 18. So, I told [*Akshit Jain Sir about that But according to the terms of the contest I am have to be 18.

Message That I got By **Akshit Sir** after asking about this situation.*Message That I got By Akshit Sir after asking about this situation.*

About Mentor of Our Program

Akshit Jain Sir — He’s the mentor of the slack and all work in slack under him. He never late to reply my answer. And the best quality of him that he’s very polite.

Iip Permana Sir(@iip.udacity) — He’s the mentor for #livehelpsession channel. He never left anyone post without replying anybody.

Avi(@aviaryan)— He’s the forum mentor and best. Whenever he replies with a perfect reason behind it.

About my Cohort

I thanked Udacity for this amazing cohort. They just like dying for help others. As well as in Forum or in Slack someone ask any query on any base I surely tell you won’t be disappointed. Even in night at any time you want to ask there are many night crow who are always waked and ready for help. I don’t know how can they do that 😜. That’s the reason behind I got addicted to this community.


As I mentioned in this title. Convert your Hope in Opportunity because first you have some hope for doing better then it is in you hand to make a opportunity for you or not. Opportunity don’t came to you directly first it gives you some hope.

Thanks all of you that you guys gave some time to look at this. 😃