About Me

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Praveen Kumar Saini

I am a life long learner and currently working as a React Developer at rtCamp . Most of the time I am totally involved in JavaScript stuff like React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB etc.

As we know the web is continuously changing so I always try to be updated and always be evolved around the new technologies and always have my keen eye on them for making something good out of them.

I am a college dropout, Google Udacity Scholar and got a Front End Nanodegree. I also did a Full Stack Development Program from AltCampus and always grateful of their program that helps me to be quality developer.

In this blog, I like to write about JavaScript stuff i.e what I explored and find interesting to write about.

In my free time, i.e when I am not coding I like to sleep 😬, read philosophies, watch documentaries and Netflix.